Why go 3D?

Dental Equipment
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Thanks to the innovative CS 8100 3D from Carestream Dental, the power of 3D imaging is now within every practice’s reach

Carestream Dental asks what are the benefits of 3D? Thanks to its CS 8100 3D it finds the question easy to answer:

True-to-life vision ¬– Enhanced visualisation of every anatomical situation.

Expert diagnosis: With better vision comes better and more accurate diagnostics, as well as precision dentistry.

Versatility: Improved diagnostics can now be applied to a wide variety of clinical situations.

Enhanced communication: Whether explaining treatment plans to patients or transferring data and instructions to the technician, better communication delivers superior results in less time.

Affordable: The CS 8100 3D combines all of these benefits with the added advantage of affordability, so everyone can make the most of 3D imaging.

With multiple fields of view from 4 x4cm to 8 x 9cm producing images of unparalleled resolution, the CS 8100 3D makes 3D imaging easier for every practice.

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