CALCIVIS imaging system

Dental Equipment
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The future of preventive dentistry - the CALCIVIS imaging system introduces revolutionary new technology to the dental profession

By utilising a "unique and highly specific recombinant, luminescent photoprotein", the CALCIVIS imaging system identifies free calcium ions with a distinct light signal. Calcium ions in solution are indicative of active demineralisation – the initial stages of dental caries – meaning that professionals now have an accurate way of identifying high-risk carious lesions.

This will, in turn, allow dentists to plan and initiate first response preventive treatment while the effects of demineralisation are still reversible.

The CALCIVIS imaging system is an innovative step forwards in the field of preventive dentistry. By allowing dental professionals to respond to dental caries in a minimally invasive and preventive manner, patients will be given an opportunity to maintain the health and function of their natural teeth for longer.

To discover the benefits of CALCIVIS and its unique technology, contact the expert team today.

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