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Henry Schein Dental wins exclusive UK distribution rights for the OKTAGON dental implant system

Henry Schein Dental now has exclusive UK distribution rights for the OKTAGON dental implant systems from German specialist manufacturer DENTAL RATIO (DRS International).

A spokesperson explained: “Implantology is an integral part of many dental treatment concepts. In order to offer its customers high-quality products in this sector, Henry Schein Dental will act as exclusive supplier for the DRS International, OKTAGON implant system, including two additional modern implant lines from DRS International which provide excellent prognoses for long-term osseointegration.”

They continued: “The OKTAGON ROX-CERA implant (bone and tissue level) is manufactured with a ceramic coated grade-5 titanium core, which supports long-term and stable osseointegration.

“The intraosseous section of the implant has a biocompatible, wear- and corrosion-resistant zirconium oxide layer. Thermodynamically and biochemically stable the coating eliminates friction corrosion while increasing the implant’s shear strength.

“The transgingival part of the implant is coated with spontaneously self-passivating and biochemically stable titanium-niobium-oxynitride. This ensures it remains non-reactive with its environment – resisting oxidation that could lead to implant failure in the future. The hard upper layer protects from potential instrument damage and its smooth surface resists plaque formation.”

The spokesperson concluded with a brief overview of the second implant system from DRS International.

“The OKTAGON BLT implant with its apical, conical shape is ideal for some of the more unfavourable bone conditions. The BLT implant is characterised by its high primary stability in both soft bone and fresh extraction sockets. This grade-4 titanium implant is available in several diameters and lengths.

“With the distribution of the OKTAGON implant system from DRS International, we believe Henry Schein Dental underlines its claim to provide a wide range of functional, high-quality products.”