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Demonstrator Rich Newman invited Dental Review to look at some GC UK portfolio favourites at BDIA Dental Showcase

“I have been involved with BDIA Dental Showcase for 40 years now, first as a visitor and now as a demonstrator on the GC UK stand. People know when a product is good. They know when it will make their lives easier and patient outcomes better, and that’s why they come to the GC UK stand.”

Rich Newman took a few minutes from his busy schedule of live demonstrations to invite Dental Review to take a closer look at two products from the GC UK portfolio that he believes are proven winners in practice.

Essentia Universal

First he demonstrated the Essentia Universal Shade range of flowable composites. In skilled hands Essentia makes posterior restorative dentistry simple while providing a material that blends beautifully with natural dentition.

Now available in three viscosities: a paste (Essentia), an injectable (Essentia LoFlo) and with very high flowability (Essentia HiFlo), every version is strong enough for all cavity classes. Thanks to their use of ultra-fine particles Essentia HiFlo and LoFlo’s physical properties are said to be even better than Essentia Universal’s.

• Essentia: Its “Universal Shade” offers great blending ability together with a packable consistency making it ideal for mono shade posterior restorations.

• Essentia LoFlo: An injectable composite with low flowability, making it the material of choice when thixotropic attributes are needed – such as with cervical restorations. It offers minimal wear characteristics for long-lasting restorations, even on occlusal surfaces.

• Essentia HiFlo: A fluid composite with high wettability for easy preparation and optimum flow characteristics into narrow cavities. Great handling and superior strength make it a popular choice.

D-Light Pro

D-Light Pro, is a slender, dual wavelength LED curing light and so much more. Rich Newman describes it as a lightweight tool that will “open your eyes to the invisible”.

It is an efficient curing lamp with cycles of 20 seconds at an output of 1400mW/cm sq and a dual wavelength. Its High Power mode polymerises all light cured dental materials. Its blue LED provides optimal activation of camphorquinone with a wavelength of 460-465nm. Violet LED at 400-405 cures other initiators such as TPO or PPD.

D-Light Pro’s Low Power mode is also dual wavelength with 20-second cycles, but as its name suggests, power output is reduced to 700mW/cm sq. This makes it ideal for situations where you want to limit heat generation, such as in deep cavities close to the pulp.

The D-Light Pro’s Detection Mode uses near UV light to help detect areas demonstrating bacterial activity. These exhibit red fluorescence under the UV light while healthy tooth structure glows green. This helps the clinician identify active plaque, infected dentin, and micro leakage at the margins of old restorations.

It also helps assess the effectiveness of the cleaning step when sealing fissures by highlighting the presence of remaining bacteria. The detection mode is also useful when removing old restorations or excess cement without damaging natural dentition because many such composites hyper-fluoresce under UV light.

And by shining the D-Light Pro through the buccal/palatal side in Detection Mode (transillumination technique) the tool can be used to assess the depth of cracks in the tooth structure.

The unit comes with two rechargeable batteries and an integrated radiometer that confirms when the power output is sufficient for efficient curing. Lightweight and pen-like with no cables to worry about, the D-Light Pro can be manoeuvred around the patient’s mouth like a handtool. It is also the first curing light that can be fully autoclaved after its electronic components have been removed from the handpiece, helping you meet compliance with the strictest cross-contamination protocols.

To discover more and look at the comprehensive GC UK range, visit http://uk.gceurope.com 

Picture caption: (top) GC UK MD Chris Brown discusses the Essentia Universal range with demonstrator Rich Newman