Nomad®Pro 2 x-ray device

Dental Equipment
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Clark Dental says solve many practice x-ray issues with the Nomad Pro 2 hand-held system

Do you have limited space in your surgery? Do you have more than one treatment room and a team of dentists who might all need to x-ray their patients at the same time? Would it be tough to invest in multiple radiographic systems? The answer is the Nomad Pro 2 hand-held x-ray unit.

Available from Clark Dental, the portable and durable Nomad Pro 2 is a cutting-edge device that weighs just 2.5kg – making it easy to move between different surgeries, and also perfect for use outside the surgery.

It eliminates the need for multiple traditional x-ray systems and, thanks to its internal shielding and external backscatter shield, the unit is extremely safe for operators and patients alike.

With an impressive battery life Nomad Pro 2 enables fast, quality radiographs whether you use a sensor, phosphor plate system or film. To find out more contact Clark Dental today. Visit