Castellini Skema 8 from RPA Dental

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RPA Dental recommends the Castellini Skema 8, quality dental units from a “trusted dealer”

Buying a dental unit is a lot like finding the perfect suit or pair of jeans – they’re both a nightmare to find the right colour and style, and require a lot of shopping around to find ‘the one’ that fits your specific requirements. To help you find the perfect fit, try RPA Dental, a leading manufacturer of top quality dental units.

The Castellini Skema 8 is one option that encompasses the very best in technology and design to guarantee exceptional performance. As well as excellent manoeuvrability of all dental unit elements, which helps to significantly reduce physical stress and fatigue, the Skema 8 offers ultimate functionality through its Full Touch control panel and synchronised movement of the seat and backrest.

Together, with our team’s unrivalled customer service, first-rate technical support, and experience in installing and maintaining equipment to the highest standard, you are sure to find the perfect dental unit with RPA Dental.

To find out more about the Skema 8 and other chairs manufactured by Castellini, contact the trusted dealer, RPA Dental.

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