T-Scan occlusal analyser from Clark Dental

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Get an accurate, time sensitive, digital record of a patient’s bite force with T-scan occlusal analyser

The T-Scan digital occlusal analyser, available from Clark Dental, is armed with advanced digital technology and exceptionally easy to use. It provides an accurate, time-sensitive record of the patient’s bite force – something lacking when using traditional articulation paper.

It is a straightforward process: every aspect of the patient’s occlusion is recorded digitally and saved to a computer when he or she bites down on the unique sensor. Not only does it ensure clinical documentation, ease of access and clarity, a frame by frame movie clip can be displayed of the process. This will help pinpoint where occlusal issues will emerge and help the dental professional devise a suitable treatment programme.

Clark Dental says: “Inaccurate or inconclusive bite force information becomes a thing of the past with the T-scan digital occlusal analyser.”

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