CS Adapt: Imaging done your way

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The Carestream Dental team explain the advantages of CS Adapt, imaging done your way

Do you wish you could view images in different styles for enhanced diagnostics? Are you looking for a solution that will make your life easier?

CS Adapt from Carestream Dental has been designed to do just this. It offers six different panoramic filters and four cephalometric filters, enabling you to work the way you want to.

You can browse the intuitive library to find your favourite image look and feel and then save it for quick selection in the future, streamlining and simplifying your workflow.

Available with all Carestream Dental extraoral imaging systems, including the CS 9300 and CS 8100 3D, it’s the perfect tool to ensure more personalised diagnostics.

Stop wasting time and effort adapting to your technologies – make them adapt to you with CS Adapt from Carestream Dental.

For more information, contact Carestream Dental on 0800 169 9692 or visit www.carestreamdental.co.uk.

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