CALCIVIS imaging system

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CALCIVIS imaging system: Remarkable insight and innovation

The recently launched CALCIVIS® imaging system is set to revolutionise the management of dental demineralisation.

CALCIVIS is an innovative, early detection device, which uses a luminescent photoprotein to identify free calcium ions, on actively demineralising tooth surfaces.

It produces a very short, low-level flash of light, that is detected by an integrated intraoral sensor, to immediately present a visual, chair side demineralisation map for practitioners, and their patients.

As a non-surgical, early detection device, CALCIVIS offers practitioners a unique and effective means for the real-time assessment, and monitoring, of demineralisation. This enables practitioners to deliver preventive treatments to inhibit disease in the very earliest stages.

Not only that, with its advanced technology, the CALCIVIS imaging system helps professionals to support their patients, with one of the most effective patient education, and communication, tools available on the market.

For an insight into the most effective management of demineralisation, find out more about the CALCIVIS imaging system today – your patients will be pleased you did!


To find out more about CALCIVIS visit or call 0131 658 5152