COLTENE ROEKO Guttaflow bioseal

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COLTENE ROEKO® Guttaflow bioseal “The Power of Regeneration”

A COLTENE spokesperson explained: “COLTENE has built its reputation through ground-breaking innovation and presenting the most up-to-date products for the finest possible endodontic results.

“ROEKO GuttaFlow® bioseal brings the power of regeneration and long-term restoration to root canal treatment. This remarkable, bioactive obturation
material contains supportive properties and natural repair components including calcium and silicates.

“It has a curing time of only 12-16 minutes and forms a hydroxylapatite crystal surface to enhance adhesion and set biochemical processes in motion to stimulate the regeneration of bone and dentine tissue.”

They concluded: “Addressing the complexities of the root canal system, GuttaFlow bioseal is a fully adaptable material with a combination of free-flowing gutta-percha and a sealer available in a practical, easy to use 5ml Automix syringe. ROEKO GuttaFlow bioseal is an intelligent obturation material with the power to both seal and to heal.”

To find out more visit, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01444 235486