Castellini Skema 8

Dental Equipment
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The Castellini Skema 8 from RPA Dental "All the bells and whistles"

When it comes to your treatment unit, what do you think your patients would think if they walked into your surgery and saw a basic, low-budget chair with no accessories or technology in sight? Wouldn't it be more impressive to be greeted by a top of the range dental unit with all the bells and whistles?

The Castellini Skema 8 available from RPA Dental, for instance, has a built in Full Touch control panel that lets the user save the working parameters of each individual instrument, and integrated media monitor for use alongside complimenting digital imaging solutions. There are a number of accompanying instruments, accessories and multimedia to choose from to meet your patients’ expectations and suit your personal needs, all of which work in perfect harmony together for the optimal outcome.

Plus, what patient wouldn't appreciate the comfort provided by the exclusive sliding function and synchronised movement of the seat and backrest? It really is the ideal dental chair for both patient and practitioner.

RPA Dental offers the Skema 8 in a variety of striking, eye-catching colours alongside excellent customer service and ongoing technical care. To find out more, call today.

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