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Eschmann Care&Cover Protection: Staying protected in the most demanding of environments

Winter brings with it some harsh conditions in the wilderness, but it’s the dental practice that is the toughest environment of them all. The constant threat of dangerous pathogens and need for a continuous high level of infection control is far more unrelenting than the prospect of a bad winter.

That’s why you need equipment you can trust to perform, such as the Little Sister range from Eschmann that is designed to work in the most demanding of environments.

Little Sister autoclaves and washer disinfectors are the epitome of reliability in times of need, and you can rest assured that you’ll be able to deal with whatever is thrown at you thanks to Eschmann’s Care&Cover Protection. Unrivalled and affordable, Care&Cover is available from as little as £8.50 per week!

Winter may be coming, but underperformance and unwanted downtime won't if you choose Eschmann.

For more information on the range of decontamination equipment and products from EschmannDirect, visit or call 01903 753322