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CALCIVIS: It’s better than the drill

How do you treat a patient with caries who is scared of the dental drill?

You treat their caries before they need drilling!

Innovative new dental company, CALCIVIS, has developed a revolutionary new product that means to completely change the way dental professionals help patients prevent dental caries – meaning you won’t need to reach for the drill!

The CALCIVIS® imaging system uses a unique photoprotein that binds with the free calcium ions that are indicative of active demineralisation, creating a bioluminescent signal that dental professionals can use to identify dental caries in its earliest stages. This allows them to create a bespoke and reliable preventive treatment plan that has a chance of reversing the effects of demineralisation before it is too late.

This is the only product on the market that can accurately detect active demineralisation on the surface of individual teeth and provide a clear and evidence-based image of danger zones and potential cavities.

To find out more about this revolutionary new technology, contact the expert CALCIVIS team today.

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