COLTENE AFFINIS impression materials

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Dr Ed Williams asks: “How do COLTENE’s impression materials compare?”

“I have a keen interest in the art of impression taking, more so now that I’ve gone back to teaching in a dental hospital,” says Dr Ed Williams, a dentist at Penarth Dental Healthcare in Wales. “As such, I’ve been trying a wide range of materials to compare the quality. That’s how I came to use COLTENE.

“In order to complete a full review I trialled a number of COLTENE’s materials from the AFFINIS range.

“I will definitely continue to use both the AFFINIS PRECIOUS regular body and light body products, as they are non-sticky, flow extremely well and are readable. I also really like AFFINIS perfect impressions heavy body; I think the consistency of the mixture makes it easy to apply in the mouth and it sets really well. For visual purposes, I rate the AFFINIS fast light body, which is green so contrasts well for the fine detail pick-up.

“Overall, none of the materials clog, which is what you usually get when you use cheaper, poorer quality materials, and I’ve found that they all mix and match together with good results. The added bonus is that my patients have responded positively to the materials; I would definitely recommend AFFINIS.”

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