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Carestream Dental CS Connect: A Connection like no other from dental practice to lab

Carestream Dental continues to invest and develop innovative technology to bring the dental profession new solutions.

Designed specifically to promote optimal communication between the laboratory and practice, CS Connect makes it easy to share and manage digital impressions and dental restoration cases.

You no longer need to rely on a courier or shipping service to receive files. CS Connect can instantly receive information at any time via the online portal. Uploaded data is available to access at your convenience within 14 days of being submitted, giving you added flexibility. Through this innovative technology, you can liaise with the dentist to ensure you have all the necessary information and images required to begin creating perfect restorations.

CS Connect is compatible with any open software, without the need for upgrades, installations or associated costs. By using open STL files to simplify data transfer, you can continue using your preferred CAD software.

Contact the knowledgeable and friendly team at Carestream Dental today to find out more about their leading imaging, CAD/CAM and software solutions.


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