CALCIVIS detects active demineralisation

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Dental professional Melonie Prebble says CALCIVIS imaging system provides: “Predictable, reliable, early detection

“I have used caries detectors in the past but nothing I have previously used has been comparable in terms of predictability and reliability or has had the ability to detect active demineralisation as early as the CALCIVIS® device.” said Melonie Prebble, an experienced dental therapist and hygienist practicing in St John’s Wood and Welwyn.

“As we are all well aware, prevention is about early detection and the CALCIVIS imaging system is able to identify active demineralisation on the tooth surface with no clinical signs, which is very encouraging in my mission to intervene at the very earliest stage possible.

"Seeing a bioluminescence map of demineralisation earlier than would normally be possible can be a real wake up call, but also, it is an interesting and useful tool with which to clearly see and confirm my findings.

“Patient engagement is phenomenal with the CALCIVIS imaging system. It is much easier for them to see and understand what was going on and they were definitely more motivated and eager to improve their oral hygiene habits, modify their behaviour and seriously consider remineralisation solutions.

"I would most certainly recommend the CALCIVIS imaging system to dental professionals who like myself, are passionate about prevention and minimally invasive dentistry.”

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