Tigon+ Piezo Scaler from W&H “Fantastic product”

Dental Equipment
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Dentist Siobhan Hassim declares the Tigon+ Piezo Scaler from W&H a “Fantastic product

“The Tigon+ from W&H is fantastic – it has helped to completely transform the patient experience, taking the care provided by myself and Nancy Carlton, our practice hygienist and dental therapist, to a whole new level.”

Siobhan Hassim, a dentist from Bowers Way Practice in Harpenden, discusses her thoughts on the Tigon+ Piezo Scaler from W&H.

“After searching the market for a machine that used warm water, we came across the Tigon+ and fell in love with it when we trialed it in the practice.

“The LED lights afford excellent vision – you can see into all areas of the mouth. It is amazingly easy to use, offering great access to any periodontal pockets. Plus, the many different power settings ensure we can manage the pressure according to each patient’s level of sensitivity, for optimal comfort and maximum efficiency.

“I am a perfectionist and the Tigon+ enables me to do the great job that I want to do. Patients have been very happy with the gentle care they’ve received while using the Tigon+, which in turn reduces stress on me and makes my job more satisfying.

“I would, without a doubt, highly recommend the Tigon+ from W&H – it’s such a great product and the customer service from W&H is excellent.”

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