UltraMultibrush hands-free applicator system

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UltraMultibrush hands-free applicator system: Prepared for practise

Maximise space in your dental practice with the UltraMultibrush – the world’s first fully hands-free applicator system.

The innovative UltraMultibrush system offers practitioners a far more efficient and hygienic way to handle applicators. Cleverly designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination during procedures, the fully enclosed compact dispenser of the UltraMultibrush allows you and your dental team to disinfect with ease – so you are better able to adhere to rigorous CQC and HTM 01-05 regulations.

With a single pod capable of carrying up to 50 per cent more product as opposed to many other leading brands, the UltraMultibrush gives you a greater quantity of applicators, without having to compromise on space in your practice.

The lightweight design and simplicity of the UltraMultibrush dispenser offers you the freedom to position the applicators anywhere within your operatory. A tap with your wrist or elbow is all it takes to dispense as much product as you need at the time of treatment, so you are always prepared.

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