NOMAD® Pro 2 portable radiographic unit

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Dr Christopher Leech says the NOMAD® Pro 2 radiographic unit “Frees the dental team from constraints"

Dentistry is seen as an increasingly demanding profession. Many practitioners seek out innovative new solutions that can streamline day-to-day practice, helping to enhance the overall quality of patient care.

Dr Christopher Leech praises the NOMAD® Pro 2, a radiographic unit which has been specifically engineered to modernise diagnostics. Its portable, lightweight design enables practitioners to move effortlessly from room-to-room within any practice.

“When using the NOMAD® Pro 2, there is no need to leave the operatory to take radiographs, which is something that is very much appreciated among patients,” says Dr Leech. “It’s a real confidence booster when a practitioner doesn’t have to leave a patient’s side.

“The NOMAD® Pro 2 is also really useful in treating patients who are confined to a wheelchair, as it means I can conveniently maneuver around them, rather than try to position them in relation to the fixed arm of a conventional radiographic unit – something I’ve had issues with in the past.

“This fantastic device frees my dental team and I from the constraints of a wall-mounted solution, thus saving space and creating the clean, clutter-free surgeries that we pride ourselves on.”

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