New to the UK: Medit i5OO intraoral scanner

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Is the Medit i5OO intraoral scanner a value-for-money game changer?

Seen at the Show: Medit’s Laurence Grice-Roberts gave Dental Review an exclusive demonstration of the Medit i500 intraoral scanner, which he described as both a precision tool and a value-for-money introduction to digital dentistry.

He said: “We hear it all the time but it’s no less true, you don’t have to embrace digital technology in your dental practice – only if you want to survive in an increasingly competitive world.

“Patients expect a better, faster, more comfortable journey during their dental treatment, and these days that doesn’t include uncomfortable, traditional impression taking with silicon or alginate in a tray. Intraoral scanning is the way of the present, not the future, and the only reason not to invest in it straight away is the price – but from now on that is no longer an excuse.”

He continued: “The new Medit i5OO intraoral scanner has been launched into the UK for the first time during the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show/DTS, and although it has been designed with all of Medit’s celebrated and ground-breaking quality in mind, it will also prove a game changer on price.

“Costing just £18,000 including the PC or laptop, with no licence fees and an 18-month guarantee, we created the i500 to be the essential value-added technology for the surgery. Using the most technologically advanced high-speed dual camera system for fast, hyper precise photogrammetry, the scanner is powderless, and lightweight with a fine tip for ease of use and patient comfort.”

The i500 uses an open CAD/CAM system, meaning operators can export STL files out of the MeditLINK management software and instantly share them with the dental lab, or transfer files and track your progress throughout the digital workflow.

Thanks to its intelligent scan detecting algorithm, the iS00 also easily picks up where it left off if the scanning process is interrupted, making for a smoother scanning experience.

Laurence concluded: “Digital dentistry is about three things, speed, precision and an enhanced workflow, all of which benefit the patient. With the i500, there's no need to worry about choppy results because it takes rapid, video-based scans. The final image is smoother, more accurate, and error-free, and its smart technology means its coloured scans can distinguish between soft tissue, plaque, and tooth enamel with a precision of 25 microns across the full arch.

“Put simply, if you want a cost-effective introduction to all the benefits of digital dental workflow, and you want to see what the future of intraoral scanning looks like, take a look at the Medit i5OO. Don’t wait for the future to arrive, it’s here, now.”


The Medit i5OO is available through Blueprint Dental, for more information visit