The Stern Weber S380TRC dental unit

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The Stern Weber dental unit from RPA Dental: A revolution in comfort and workflow

The Stern Weber S380TRC available from RPA Dental is one of the most sought after dental units on the market right now thanks to its innovative and intuitive design.

Favoured features include the full touch control panel, which allows up to four personalised operator settings directories, and the customised patient entry/exit position with 90-degree chair rotation and knee break chair positioning.

Using this unique function, clinicians have the ability to streamline their workflow like never before. Add in the benefits of chair mounted digital X-Ray and intra-oral camera interface, it’s clear to see why the S380TRC is so popular.

Stern 380TRC is a revolution in patient comfort and dental treatment workflow.

To find out more about the Stern Weber S380TRC and to speak with UK users about this system, either watch RPA Dental’s informative video at, or contact RPA Dental.

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