XIOS Scan from Sirona

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Take a step towards digital with the XIOS Scan from Sirona

Streamline your radiographic workflow with the XIOS Scan from Sirona.

Available from Clark Dental, the XIOS Scan combines traditional radiography with the power of digital technology. By utilising sophisticated phosphor imaging plates, capable of digitising intraoral radiographs for immediate review, this unique scanner eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals or a darkroom.

Equipped with SIDEXIS 4 imaging software, the XIOS Scan operates at an outstanding resolution of up to 22 line pairs/mm, producing exceptionally sharp and detailed images for more accurate diagnostics. These high quality images can be transferred via cable or wireless connection directly to a computer, where practitioners can further evaluate and edit the radiograph for greater clarity.

While automatic plate detection of the XIOS Scan minimises the risk of unnecessary errors, the system has also been specifically engineered to limit stress to the imaging plates, preventing scratches on the image and ensuring no short-term loss of image quality.

The compact design and small footprint of the XIOS Scan saves space in the practice, so, why not take that step into the digital age?

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