ORTHOPHOS XG3 from Clark Dental

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Dr Jay Padayachy recommends the ORTHOPHOS XG3

“We chose to invest in the ORTHOPHOS XG3 based on the expert advice we were given by Clark Dental, who understood our needs and advised us of the most appropriate system to purchase,” says Dr Jay Padayachy.

“The ORTHOPHOS XG3 offers greater clarity of images and is easy to use, making patient positioning very straightforward and, so far, foolproof. Unlike our old system, we can use the ORTHOPHOS XG3 to take partial images. This is not only very useful if we just want to target one particular area, but is also more comfortable for patients who cannot tolerate intraoral radiographs.

“I would recommend the ORTHOPHOS XG3 from Clark Dental, who delivers great service with a smile and provides helpful advice, rather than simply trying to sell you something that may not fit your requirements. As always, we have received excellent support from Clark Dental, which is why I have been dealing with the team for over 20 years.”

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