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New CS 3700 from Carestream Dental: The next generation of intraoral scanning

Carestream Dental introduces its new CS 3700 intraoral scanner. Combining innovative technology with a sleek design, this new scanner has been designed to make digital impression taking more comfortable for the patient and easier for the operator, while also simplifying communication between practice and dental laboratory.

The CS 3700 has undergone a complete aesthetic overhaul compared to its predecessor, and has been streamlined in every way to enhance ergonomics.

The CS 3700 is easy to manoeuvre and hold, featuring an ergonomic grip channel, and the small tip and interchangeable scanner heads make taking impressions in even challenging conditions a lot more straightforward. The scanner is well balanced, and an optional wrist straps prevents accidental drops. The system is available in two colours, arctic white and carbon grey.

The CS 3700’s continuous scanning capabilities make it easy to revisit any areas that need more data to ensure that the scan is picture perfect every time, thus obviating the necessity for retakes and helping every appointment remain streamlined from start to finish. In addition, users can switch instantaneously between upper and lower jaw modes directly from the handpiece, allowing for a greater focus on the needs of the patient.

Because the scanner offers faster scans and has a less intrusive design, digital impressions are taken with minimal discomfort. Scanning speeds are up to 20% faster than previous Carestream Dental models, turbo speed scans have been tested in vitro and proven to scan single arches in just 30 seconds (when using the recommended PC configuration).

Due to the CS 3700’s continuous scanning capabilities you can also take breaks when necessary, meaning that you don’t need to start afresh if a patient needs a moment to centre themselves mid scan. This is especially useful when treating patients who may have difficulty sitting still for periods of time.

Versatility comes as standard

The CS 3700 pioneers a new aspect of intraoral scanning – smart shade matching. The scanner is embedded with an algorithm that offers the option for smart shade matching in all areas of the oral cavity. Dental professionals using the scanner can instantly identify the shade of enamel to make a perfect match.

The revolutionary shade matching technology, known as bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF), captures shade values using several views from every angle of the scan, which leads to a more precise match overall.

This makes the CS 3700 different from other oral scanners that have a similar function, as they tend to only collect values from a single view. With just one click, this data gets converted into a shade match report with multilayer shade information for the designated area of interest. This detailed report can then be sent to the dental laboratory or out for referral, to ensure optimal aesthetics and shade matching for the restoration.

Carestream Dental has also introduced new software to help further enhance the capabilities of the scanner. A Carestream Dental spokesperson explained: “The new CS ScanFlow software means users can take a base scan at the start of treatment, and from this they can pursue any workflow based on personal preferences or the visible clinical indications.

“In fact, versatility comes as standard, and practitioners can use the device to achieve outstanding results in restorative, orthodontic, implant-borne and sleep device treatments.

“Easy, step by step instructions ensure that practitioners follow a simple workflow, and the unit’s touch-screen capabilities ensure that ease of use is maximised throughout every process.”

Ed Shellard, D.M.D., Chief Dental Officer for Carestream Dental said: “The CS 3700 combines performance and modern design that doctors practising at the highest level will truly appreciate. But it’s about more than just style; the software that drives the CS 3700’s performance includes advanced features that keep the user in the driver’s seat at all times.”

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