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Dr Daniel Cattell declares EyeMag Pro “Better than the rest”

“I’ve been a Nuview customer for nearly 20 years,” says Dr Daniel Cattell of Gentle Dentistry, Bournemouth. “I’ve recently upgraded to the EyeMag Light II and purchased another set of EyeMag Pro dental loupes with a glass frame this time, rather than the headband model.

“The build and lens quality of the EyeMag Pro is just the best, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought four sets of these loupes over the last 20 years – they are amazing. Carl Zeiss loupes are simply better than the rest. If I didn’t have these loupes and the OPMI Pico microscope, I would have to stop working. I just couldn’t treat patients and perform at my best without the level of magnification that the EyeMag Pro and the OPMI Pico affords.

“As always, I’ve had a seamless purchasing experience with Nuview – I have got to know John Woods well over the last two decades. His product knowledge and awareness of industry requirements is spot on, and the Nuview team are very professional.

“I ordered the loupes and received them pretty much the next day. The products Nuview offers are second-to-none and the service from the team is outstanding.”

For more information, please call Nuview on 01453 872266, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit www.nuview.co ‘like’ Nuview on Facebook.