Healthy Hand Hygiene with Steri-7

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Steri-7 from Initial Medical, prevent dermatitis without cleanliness compromise

Irritant contact dermatitis is a common issue among the dental profession – a Health and Safety Executive study found dental nurses and dentists to be 10 and 7 times respectively, more likely to suffer from contact dermatitis than the all industry average [1].

The condition has been reported by various healthcare workers following contact with irritants such as hand washing solutions [2], so your selection of hand hygiene products is integral to helping your staff maintain the highest of standards. To help prevent dermatitis without compromising your protocols, make sure you only use products you can trust.

The Steri-7 Xtra Personal Care Range from Initial Medical offers hypoallergenic surgical level Hand Rub and Wash, proven to kill 99.9999% of bacteria, spores, fungi, viruses and yeasts. Utilising clever technology, it remains active for up to three hours after application for long-term protection.

Dermatologically tested, classed as non-irritants and featuring re-moisturising properties, the range is ideal for frequent users. Find out more today.

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2] Kampf G, Loffler H. Prevention of irritany contact dermatitis among health care workers by using evidence-based hand hygiene practices: a review. Ind Health. 2007 Oct;45(5):645-52.