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Cheryl Hayes: Enhancing care through the Care Management Platform

The heart of dentistry is providing exceptional patient care. However, to make this a reality, it’s important to focus on every aspect of the practice as a business. By evolving your practice management approach and taking a more holistic stance, you can streamline your business model, make daily dentistry easier for staff and, ultimately, help patients receive a standard of care that exceeds expectations.

But where to begin? The Care Management Platform practice management software from Carestream Dental helps make this new approach simple, seamless and stress-free. Many practice management systems bind professionals to their practices as they do not allow patient data to be accessed off-site, but Care Management Platform is different.

The software is web-based, meaning it can be accessed by any authorised device with an internet connection, which is ideal for dental professionals who are routinely on the go and want to access essential patient records and treatment plans at their leisure. Because this information is protected in a safe and secure off-site location by Carestream Dental, users and patients alike have peace of mind that no data breaches can occur.

Users can prioritise patient treatment plans when necessary with no need to be in practice to work through a complex case, leading to more streamlined treatment for the patient in question, and a more dynamic approach to care.

Business tools to energise your practice

Running a successful dental practice is about more than providing exceptional treatment. It’s also about identifying trends, understanding business analytics and prioritising spending and promotions to ensure your practice remains ahead of the curve. State-of-the-art business intelligence tools measure accounts receivable, patient volume, insurance claims, unscheduled treatment and much more.

The software makes it easy to see at a glance any areas of your business that need improvement or extra attention. It helps keep the well-oiled machine of your business running at maximum. You can easily chase up any unpaid fees, pinpoint any trending treatments to devise targeted promotions, while also monitoring the occupancy of all dental surgeries at any time to ensure maximum income and efficiency.

You can even use these features to compare a number of practices at the same time, meaning that regardless of the size of your business model, you will still enjoy a detailed, comprehensive overview of every aspect of practice performance.

Make it easy for everyone

The Care Management Platform has been especially developed to help make practice management easier than ever before. Built using feedback from Carestream Dental customers, the software is designed to conquer everyday challenges by providing intelligent, intuitive solutions.

For example, when patients cancel appointments at the last minute, the Care Management Platform’s inbuilt workflows guide users through the optimal next steps to minimise any disruption and transform customer service with its stress-free, streamlined approach. The system also receives regular updates to keep it at the forefront of innovation. Its algorithms learn and grow as users provide ongoing feedback to Carestream Dental.

The software is designed to be fast, intuitive, user-friendly and simple to navigate, and as the only cloud-based software to combine imaging, workflow and anytime, anywhere access, Care Management Platform is a unique, forward-thinking solution that helps practices of any size to flourish.

Combining sought after features with unlimited potential for expansion and innovation, the Care Management Platform provides the perfect solution for those who not only prioritise patient care, but also understand that an holistic approach to practice management is key to business success.


Cheryl Hayes is the Product Marketing Manager with Carestream Dental. For more information, call 0800 169 9692 or visit