COLTENE’s Nicolas Coomber and the CanalPro Jeni

Dental Equipment
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COLTENE’s Nicolas Coomber explains: "Why the CanalPro Jeni meets the new, higher standards for dental delivery"

Despite the current very real restrictions we all face there have been some exciting product developments in endodontic technology. For example, the new CanalPro™ Jeni, from COLTENE, is an endomotor with integrated apex locator – a digital system for canal navigation, to help guide the specialist through every patient’s individual root canal anatomy.

With patent pending, it uses algorithms to control the file movement at millisecond intervals, with motion and speed control based on intensity and torque. The Jeni will even emit a signal when irrigation is required, supporting the provision of endodontic therapy that is easy, safe, efficient, and successful.

Root canal therapy has long had the reputation of being invasive, painful and expensive – three words that are currently even less appealing than they were at the beginning of 2020. But, in fact, endodontic treatment has always been the safest and most efficient way to relieve oral pain caused by infected pulp and save the tooth from extraction.

Due to the unique character of every root canal anatomy, there are different routes, obstacles and situations an endodontic specialist might face. Any new piece of equipment such as the CanalPro Jeni must benefit the patient – in fact, if it doesn’t enhance patient comfort, it is not worth investing in. Every new tool must simplify the procedure for faster, more comfortable, cost-effective treatments, and stable clinical outcomes.

Meanwhile, it is difficult to ignore the COVID sized elephant in the surgery. Who knows when dentistry will return to normal, when tiered lockdowns present new challenges every week and infection rates are rising once more? The roadmap to recovery, not just in dentistry but for life in general, is bound to take a few detours.

The future course of the pandemic is a mystery; we still have so much to learn about the virus, and there are significant factors outside of our control. But for dental practices infection control has always been a priority, and a lot of the things that are fundamental to the patient experience now were just as important before most of us had even heard of COVID-19.

The three ‘C’s and COVID

I like to think of the three ‘C’s that are most important to any healthcare professional when dealing with patients under the COVID cloud:

• Communication: Explain what you are doing about social distancing and how your practice is meeting the latest contamination protocols

• Clarity: Avoid jargon, keep it simple. If you confuse – you lose.

• Confidence: Help patients understand that they are safe in your surgery.

After treatment patients want clear instructions for long-term aftercare, and access to ongoing support (particularly crucial if they have been referred and you are not their usual dentist) so that the end result stays stable.

Before lockdown, the fear of getting treatment wrong and receiving a complaint, or worse, was a real concern; during this new era, there is zero margin for error. Patients might be more nervous, more unsure and more aware than ever that they have the power to say no, or not attend at all. They need to know their journey through practice will be safe, quick, and comfortable.

In the face of this dilemma dental practitioners must chose to upgrade every area of their work – including techniques, tools, and material selection. Investing in effective innovations such as the CanalPro Jeni is about more than return on investment, although that’s important, it’s also about investing in patient comfort at a time when the lockdown has made dentists very aware that delivering face-to-face care is a privilege – not a given.

Today’s dentistry is about balancing the need for care with safety, careful management of backlog, and new scheduling protocols. A challenge, yes, but not an impossible one.


Nicolas Coomber is COLTENE's National Account & Marketing Manager. For more information, visit, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0800 254 5115.