Preventing Tooth Loss with PerioChip®

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Periodontal disease is a common chronic infection and a major cause of tooth loss. But with the help of PerioChip® you can stop it in its tracks.

After root surface debridement (RSD), PerioChip® can kill off putative periodontal pathogens and prevent them from re-establishing on root surfaces and in periodontal pockets.

PerioChip® is a non-antibiotic insert, containing chlorhexidine digluconate, which is easy to place and biodegradable. It is designed for periodontal pockets over 5mm deep and provides an effective adjunctive therapy.

After placement, PerioChip® uses a controlled-release system to target the site with the active ingredient and eliminate 99% of perio-pathogenic bacteria over the first 7 days. Then, PerioChip® carries on suppressing the growth of bacterial flora in the treated area for up to 11 weeks, providing time for the teeth to stabilise.

Placed directly into periodontal pockets over 5mm, clinical studies showed a pocket reduction of more than 2mm in almost three quarters of patients when PerioChip® was placed every three months, in combination with RSD.

Help your patients to keep their natural teeth for longer by calling the PerioChip® team now.

PerioChip® is available exclusively from Dexcel Dental, to order or for further information call 0800 013 2333 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.