Implantmed from W&H: The Time is Right

Dental Equipment
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W&H's Kate Scheer explores Implantmed and dental implantology: where to begin and what to consider

The time is right to consider taking up dental implantology. Recent data shows that the current value of the dental implant market is roughly $4.3 billion, and this same data forecasts that the growth of this market is going to rapidly increase, with predictions stating that by 2028, it will have a global worth of over $8 billion.

In the UK, demand for dental implant treatment is soaring. By the year 2050, it is predicted that as much as 24.8% of the population in the UK will be aged 65 and above, and there may arise the need for more treatments to tackle edentulism, making dental implants an excellent choice.

Dental implantology is a complex procedure, so it makes sense to invest in systems that help streamline and simplify the process for a successful outcome time and time again. The Implantmed from W&H ensures improved treatment safety, comfort and ease of use.

Including an automatic thread cutter function and automatic torque control, the system also has optional extras such as the W&H Osstell ISQ module that measures implant stability, helping ensure long-lasting, exceptional outcomes.

You’ve chosen the right equipment, but do you have the skills?

As with any complex treatment, the first step towards offering dental implants is gaining the skills you’ll need to succeed. Availability of hands-on implantology courses has increased massively, but there are a few things to consider before you sign up, including the location of the course, the time it takes, and the price point. Also speak with your fellow professionals and see which courses they recommend which will help you make a more informed decision.

As your skills develop a mentor is essential. Choosing a mentor is much like finding a course that suits your needs – you can either search for someone online or via social media who you believe will be a good match or ask colleagues who provide mentorship services whether they would be willing to assist you. In most cases it will be better to choose someone you are familiar with, someone with whom you have a relationship to build on.

Once you have gained the skills and have invested in the right equipment, it pays to keep abreast of all of the latest news and innovations in the field. Manufacturers continually unveil new and exciting dental implant systems that support better predictability, enhanced longevity and stability, and which can be used in an ever increasing variety of indications.

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