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Carestream Dental: Considerations for paediatric dentistry

Carestream Dental's Nimisha Nariapara looks at ways to overcome the challenges of treating children in the dental practice.

Treating children in practice comes with its share of challenges, but what can you do to ensure that you are creating a welcoming space for younger patients? And what options can you explore to provide more comfortable, faster treatment for them?

We have covered in detail the issues we are seeing in the UK due to the high levels of childhood tooth decay, and the ongoing situation with coronavirus variants has only served to exacerbate the situation. In fact, it is now thought that almost 1 in 4 five-year-olds in the UK have dental decay – a shocking figure, especially as you consider how many millions of children reside here.

Alongside these high rates of decay, other hurdles that professionals may come to when they treat children include developmental abnormalities, eruption anomalies and dental trauma. All of these can present difficulty during treatment unless you have the knowledge, technology and products to help provide an exceptional level of care.

What we must also remember is that children can present certain behavioural challenges, acting up and refusing to be good, especially in environments like a dental surgery that may seem threatening, unfamiliar, or overexciting.

A high proportion of children are scared of the dentist. Whatever the reason figures suggest that as many as 16% of children are afraid of visiting their dentist, and this can lead to more uncooperative behaviour.

Much like your armamentarium, you might want to consider the technology you use in practice and whether this has any features to help treat child patients. For instance, does your intraoral scanner have additional parts that have been designed to help image acquisition in smaller mouths?

The CS 3800 wireless intraoral scanner from Carestream Dental is a cutting-edge system that makes treating patients of all ages easy. Not only is the scanner incredibly fast and therefore more likely to facilitate comfortable treatment, but it also has a number of different tips available, such as tips designed for quickly and comfortably scanning smaller mouths.

Other ways of becoming more child friendly, especially if your patient lists are comprised of many people in the younger age groups, could involve decorating your practice to include bright colours and other appealing design features that can help them feel at ease. Research suggests that 63% of children do prefer brighter, more child-friendly decorated practices, so it definitely goes a long way towards helping them feel welcome and less stressed.

Of course, dental treatment is still daunting, so it’s always important to look at using products and technology that can help streamline treatment for children, and it’s worth exploring those that are particularly beneficial to younger individuals.

Composites or glass ionomers that release fluoride over time, for example, are likely to be a good investment for practices who treat a large number of child patients, as they provide on-going protection after placement and can help individuals to avoid decay in the future.

Providing high quality treatment for children has its challenges, but by carefully considering their comfort, and ensuring your product selection is suitable for their special needs – such as the CS 3800 intraoral scanner – you can be sure that your practice is properly equipped to give children the best possible treatment experience.

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