Complete Power, Compact Design: CS 8200 3D

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CS 8200 3D from Carestream Dental – Compact, ergonomic CBCT

Looking to extend your treatment capabilities but worried that you don’t have the space available for a cutting-edge CBCT system?

The CS 8200 3D from Carestream Dental gives you all the functionality you need in an ergonomic, compact design.

Featuring premium 2D and 3D imaging technology, the system has six selectable fields of view, meaning it can be used in a diverse array of indications including both orthodontics and dental implantology.

Furthermore, the system includes Carestream Dental’s unique CS MAR technology – a software module that allows you to take a more dynamic approach to your images and that significantly decreases the appearance of metal artifacts for clearer, more concise images every time. 

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