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Entering the age of aligners with the CS Model+ V5 software

Nimisha Nariapara, the Trade Marketing Manager at Carestream Dental covering the UK, Middle East, Nordics, South Africa, Russia and CIS regions explores the clear aligner orthodontic sector and the benefits of using the CS Model+ V5 software from Carestream Dental.

Clear orthodontic aligner treatment has seen unprecedented popularity in recent years. In fact, millions of people around the world are now opting for this treatment instead of more traditional orthodontic treatments such as fixed braces, and this has meant that the global value of this market is now estimated to be an impressive $2.9 billion (almost £2.1 billion).

The pandemic has had a major contribution to the growing demand for these kinds of procedures as well. According to the British Orthodontic Society, since the beginning of the pandemic call for smile correction procedures in general have massively increased, with over half of orthodontics reporting a significant uptick in patient enquiries, especially those for clear aligner treatment.

But what are the benefits of clear aligner treatment for professionals and patients, and how can you get started?

An easy way to boost your profit and your patient list

One significant advantage of adopting aligner treatment is that, unlike more complex orthodontic procedures, GDPs don’t require any further training to be able to provide it. Although professionals will have to get to grips with the equipment and scanners that make this treatment possible, this is perfectly within the skillset of every dentist. This means that implementing clear aligner treatment isn’t something that will take months and lots of expensive courses to master – ideal if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to expand your treatment offerings without needing to learn new and complex skills.

The most obvious benefit of clear aligner treatment for your practice is that it can easily draw in new patients. With demand high and people seeking ways to straighten their smiles, clear aligner treatment is often a more appealing prospect for patients than fixed braces. By simply adding this treatment to your portfolio, upselling it on your social media platforms and website and to your existing patients, you could see a significant amount of interest from patients both old and new.

Of course, more treatment means more revenue, so this is a particularly smart way to boost your income and add value to your practice.

Why do patients like aligners?

Unlike fixed orthodontic appliances such as braces, clear aligners are removable, and this appeals to patients as they are able to take a freer approach to straightening their smiles. They can also help patients to maintain a better standard of oral health during treatment – braces and other fixed appliances may be difficult to clean around, but patients can clean their teeth as normal when undergoing a course of aligner treatment.

Clear aligners are also much more aesthetic than traditional orthodontic devices. This is a huge draw for patients, especially those working in people-facing roles, as it means that they can continue to have complete confidence in their smiles throughout the course of treatment.

Getting started

Like venturing into any new avenue, the most important thing for professionals to do when they want to begin offering orthodontic aligner treatment is research. It’s not just about learning how to offer this treatment from a practical point of view, but also exploring ways to ensure that you are able to offer patients the very best quality treatment available.

This means rendezvousing with your lab about clear aligners and the associated costs fees, checking you have the technology in practice to take the necessary scans, and even investing in software that can help you have complete control over the whole process, especially if you would rather produce aligners for patients in-house.

The CS Model+ V5 software from Carestream Dental offers everything you need to provide fast, high-quality orthodontic aligner treatment for your patients. With it you can evaluate digital models, create virtual orthodontic setups and tailor an effective clear aligner treatment plan in mere minutes. Plus, if you have a 3D printer or thermoforming machine, you can fabricate the aligners there and then, meaning that you can start your patients on the journey to their new smile whenever suits everyone best.

With the market booming and clear aligner treatment being so appealing to patients, there’s little reason to not embrace this opportunity and add an enticing new option to your portfolio.

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