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Nicky Varney: Eschmann’s Little Sister – autoclaves you can rely on

Nicky Varney is the Marketing Manager for Eschmann; here she casts her eyes back over the long history of Eschmann autoclaves.

First invented in 1879, autoclaves remain a key piece of equipment in dental practices today. Throughout the years, Eschmann has designed and manufactured a number of cutting-edge autoclaves that have taken the technology to new heights.

Eschmann has long been at the forefront of autoclave innovation, creating a number of iconic systems throughout the years. Now, with our range of tried and tested Little Sister autoclaves, Eschmann continues to meet every need of the modern dental professional.

For instance, in 1978 the SES Matron Autoclave, one of the early SES autoclaves, was launched. Available in three different versions including a lab system with a 121°C cycle, this system helped lead a new generation of autoclaves and was in production until the year 2000.

1981 saw the launch of the Merlin autoclave – the very first autoclave with a 134°C cycle in the UK market – a temperature that is still the gold standard for instrument sterilisation today.

One of the most important steps forward in infection control was the improvements made to autoclaves in the 1980s/90s. During this time, many practices still used hot air and glass bead sterilisers. Although guidance from the World Health Organization stated that steam sterilisation was the best method, systems that employed this technology at the time were often quite basic, non-vacuum units.

In 1985 Eschmann revolutionised autoclave technology with the Little Sister 2, named after the sisters in hospitals who traditionally help keep wards running efficiently. Following this, the Little Sister 3/SES 2000 introduced single button operation and quickly becoming the most popular autoclave of its size.

Just a few years later the SES 113 and SES 225 brought new features to the dental practice, innovations such as advanced air detection, self-checking cycles and direct data download – helping to streamline instrument sterilisation for the whole team.

Today dental professionals can choose from an exceptional selection of Little Sister autoclaves, all of which offer a range of different benefits including trustworthy technology founded on over 60 years of expertise and user feedback.

For instance, the Little Sister SES 3020B(top) autoclave has been specifically designed to make instrument sterilisation simpler, stress-free and completely compliant. Able to switch between both ‘B’ and ‘N’ type cycles, the system can achieve complete sterilisation (with drying) of a load in just 31 minutes* and holds 6kg of instruments.

The Little Sister SES 3020B offers dedicated daily and weekly test cycles making compliance with HTM 01-05/SDCEP easy. In addition, all of our vacuum autoclaves feature dedicated microprocessors that independently control and verify every cycle.

Manufactured in the UK, the Little Sister range represents the gold standard of modern autoclave technology. You can also support your system with Eschmann’s Care & Cover service policy, which not only includes complete breakdown cover and regular maintenance, but also unlimited Eschmann parts and labour, enhanced CPD user training, technical telephone support and more.

To find out more about Eschmann’s Little Sister range of autoclaves, contact the team today. Visit or call 01903 875787

*Times dependent on the load