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NobelClinician from Nobel Biocare – Advanced communication technology

When you want to deliver the very best patient care, communication is key.

Experience advanced visual communication between dentists, laboratories and patients like never before with NobelClinician™ from Nobel Biocare.

An accessible and easy to use system for diagnostics, treatment planning and patient communication, NobelClinician implements state-of-the-art technologies that allow you to improve dental implant treatment for your patients from the very first step.

Featuring straightforward communication tools such as the NobelClinician Communicator App and NobelClinician Viewer, the system lets you keep in touch with laboratory technicians from the beginning of the treatment process, helping everyone stay connected and able to share the latest information on a case.

Specifically designed to help dentists make an accurate diagnosis and create a detailed treatment plan, the NobelClinician system also gives you the tools to estimate the cost of the treatment before proceeding. This gives patients peace of mind and keeps them in the know so that they are fully prepared before surgery.

Swift and simple to use, these advanced features mean the system can even shorten surgery time by summarizing your treatment plan and helping you brief your team before you begin.

To discover the multiple benefits of NobelClinician, contact Nobel Biocare. Call 0208 756 3300, or visit