NobelClinician from Nobel Biocare

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Encourage dental patient’s to say yes: NobelClinician makes diagnostics clear and simple

Boosting treatment acceptance is important to ensure that you’re providing the best level of care for your patients. But how do you make sure that your patients understand and feel comfortable with the treatment options you propose?

With NobelClinician® from Nobel Biocare you can help increase treatment acceptance by offering patients clear and easy to understand information.

A user-friendly piece of technology that helps dentists streamline diagnostics, treatment planning and patient communication, NobelClinician allows you to explain your treatment plan to patients with detailed visual aids.

These include materials such as clinical photographs and scans, as well as educational images and diagrams that can help make treatment options clearer and easier to understand. This information is displayed on the NobelClinician Communicator iPad® app, which can be downloaded from the App store.

No one likes not understanding what they’re being told, especially in regard to their personal health. Make sure your patients feel safe, secure and confident to follow your advice by using NobelClinician today.

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