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DGSHAPE DWX-42W 4-axis wet dental milling unit

Peter Kettle, DGSHAPE’s Business Development Manager, has wet milling and Halloween on his mind. To celebrate the imminent spooky All Hallows Eve, he and his team were giving away little blue skulls from their stand during BDIA Dental Showcase.

To prove the precision of his DWX-42W 4-axis wet dental mill he has milled a perfect replica of the Venus de Milo, barely twice the size of a thumbnail – from dental zirconia. The latest addition to the DGSHAPE portfolio of milling units is up to 50% faster than its predecessors, offers a six-station automatic tool changer, and has new burs for a finer milling quality, hence the Venus.

Peter (above right with team member Joe Dickinson) explained: “We wanted to create a milling unit that fits seamlessly into the digital workflow of a high efficiency dental lab, and would also sit in-clinic to mill same day, highly aesthetic restorations. Thanks to its open architecture the DWX-42W is incredibly easy to integrate with existing technology, and it is ultra-accurate.

“Thanks to its award-winning Digital Yatai manufacturing process the build quality of all DGSHAPE machines has become legendary. The DWX-42W is robust and rigid for enhanced overall performance, and benefits from every innovation we have come to expect from the DGSHAPE family, including new nozzles and an expanded coolant tank for greater capacity.”

He continued: “Innovation is about simplicity of use coupled with an optimum outcome. Our machines can be judged on their output using the most popular dental materials including glass ceramics and composites. Output is fast, and its automated workflow is intuitively easy, its learning curve is almost a flat line.

“We recognise the importance of the human element in any process and DGSHAPE units are not designed to replace skill and experience but to enhance it. The DWX-42W will accept STL files from all open architecture CAD/CAM software, and it has high precision ethernet LAN connectivity to mill superb quality crowns, copings, bridges, inlays, onlays and more.

“We recently announced that 3Shape has certified our DWX-4 and DWX-42W as Trusted Connection milling devices for its TRIOS Design Studio software package. Going forward we will be working with some of the best people serving the dental profession to provide the best experience for our customers. DGSHAPE is better for the profession, which makes it better for the patient."

There are still a few skulls left after the show. If anyone would like a skull to try and cast for themselves, contact Joe – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DGSHAPE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Roland DG Corporation.

To discover more about the DGSHAPE portfolio, go to www.rolanddg.co.uk.