Carestream Dental: “The Technological BOOM!”

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Carestream Dental’s Cheryl Hayes: CMP and the modern age of dentistry

Dentistry has been evolving at a truly breath-taking rate in recent years, echoing the rapid innovations resulting from the modern-day technological and digital boom. To keep up with the competition it’s important to stay abreast of the latest developments and embrace changes that have transformed the dental practice for the better.

For example, placing dental implants was once a rare and complex procedure practiced by specialists, but they are now one of the most popular ways to combat edentulism. Every area of dentistry including imaging systems and practice management software are more consistent, efficient and dynamic.

The words ‘digital workflow’ have almost become a dental mantra, but you can’t take advantage of the new technology’s speed and precision without an investment in essential innovations such as an intraoral scanner, which, under the current COVID conditions, is cleaner and faster than traditional materials.

Under the ‘new normal’ your patients will feel safer in the hands of a digitally attuned dentist, and you will be able to perform more procedures, more effectively, more quickly during a single session. Today’s patients expect efficiency and speed from their dentists, and they want rapid results, which are all but impossible with traditional methods.

There will always be a need for restorative dentistry, but patients today are increasingly willing to invest in a better smile. Elective procedures including orthodontics are becoming ever more popular, as is tooth whitening. An aesthetic smile with improved form and function looks healthier and improves patient confidence in today’s selfie culture.

Digital technology allows CAD aided imaging to help patients see the outcome of treatments before the work starts, leading to greater engagement in the process and informed consent. The dentist can discuss how patients might want their smile to look, and manage expectations with a tailor-made treatment plan that provides an improved patient experience they will want to share with friends and family.

Digital technology has thrown open the practice doors to welcome a breath of fresh air across every facet of dentistry, leading to a more holistic approach that encompasses both clinical care and practice management. The latest advances in software mean the dental team can enjoy all the benefits of the digital dental workflow while also using business intelligence tools to track the growth, trends and needs of their practices.

For example, the specialist IT technicians at Carestream Dental have devised our Care Management Platform with a wide selection of tools that not only complement practice growth and diversification, but also provide clinicians with anytime, anywhere access to patient files, which means they can work on a case whenever they want to, without being chained to the surgery.

The dynamism of digital dentistry is no longer a dream of the future, nor is the intelligent management of your dental practice. Let the software take the strain, find out what the Care Management Platform can do for you today.

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Photos by Joshua Sortino and Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash