Neil Simkin Recommends DentToGo

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Neil Simkin recommends DenToGo as: “An exciting opportunity for dentistry”

Neil Simkin, a dentist from Newton, recently introduced the DenToGo™ remote assessment and treatment monitoring solution from the Straumann Group into his practice. It eases the patient journey by using AI to generate an oral health assessment report based on photographs uploaded by the patient.

The MySmile algorithm then creates a simulation of the predicted result to significantly increase treatment acceptance. Monitoring then allows the dentist to review progress and engage with their patient throughout treatment, as frequently as they wish.

A keen user of the ClearCorrect clear aligner system, Neil found the new virtual technology proved an ideal complement to the orthodontic treatment he already provided.

He explains why he made the jump: “I had been aware of the system for quite some time – I remember seeing a prototype version and I knew that it would easily find a place in my daily practice.

“The, as we went into lockdown, I saw the perfect chance to utilise DenToGo’s remote treatment monitoring technology while still meeting the social distancing guidelines. Scan boxes were sent out to my clear aligner patients so that I could review their treatment progress from a distance.

“My practice has embraced the digital workflow for the last two years, so the addition of another digital element has worked really well and DenToGo integrated seamlessly with my existing systems. The AI does most of the work, so I only need to add in a short message to the patient when the AI-generated oral assessment report is ready.

After just a few months, Neil has been very impressed, he continues: “The software is everything I hoped it to be. The AI works really well, enabling me to stay in real-time contact with patients, and remotely manage their cases. It meant that when we started seeing patients in the surgery again, there were no surprises in store.

“I was up-to-date with how my patients’ treatments had progressed. I knew who was ready to move on, and who needed adjustments. This made all their visits into practice much more efficient and supported a smooth return to work from a business point of view.”

Neil’s patients found the DenToGo app and scan box simple to use. He says: “Once a patient used the app for the first time, there were no problems at all. The app is very intuitive and all patients got to grips it straightaway, and now we are out of lockdown I will be able to provide scan boxes face-to-face, which I think will make things even more straightforward for my patients.

“It’s hard to see what challenges might arise going forward. I work in a very rural practice where many patients have a round trip that can take a few hours. Being able to interact with them this way makes treatment so much easier for them and me.

“They really appreciate it and have expressed their satisfaction because we can enjoy a detailed discussion about their treatment without needing to travel. Once treatment is in progress the same benefit applies – DenToGo means my patients don’t have to make extra visits to the practice, which saves them time and money, and provides me with a great return on investment.

“I see DenToGo as an invaluable, win-win digital solution, and an exciting opportunity for dentistry.”

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