Straumann says: It’s Time to Invest in Digital

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Trios intraoral scanner and ClearCorrect aligners 'working together' says Straumann Group

Many GDPs are currently re-evaluating their workflows to see in a post-COVID-19 world whether digital solutions would benefit them and their patients. For the vast majority, the short answer is ‘yes they will!’

Intra-oral scanners already afford several advantages, including:

• Consistently accurate impressions
• Shorter treatment times
• Greater patient comfort, treatment uptake and satisfaction
• Increased daily efficiency

Digital impressions provide another massive benefit – optimised infection control for staff and patients. Analogue impressions can present a significant biohazard risk. They are covered with saliva and possibly blood; pathogens have an opportunity to develop while the impression is transported to the lab; microorganisms can be transferred to plaster models; and there are multiple touchpoints for an enhanced contamination risk.

Digital files virtually eliminate all these cross-contamination risks with minimum human interference and maximum peace of mind. Plus, reduced time, money and hassle is required to ensure quality infection control protocols.

The right choice of digital technology is imperative for optimal biosafety within the dental practice. For example, some intra-oral scanners use air-based anti-fogging features. This not only presents a risk of hypersensitivity, but it also increases the risk of airborne transmission of any pathogens within the oral cavity.

Instead, consider using digital solutions that employ heat-based technology to improve patient comfort while also enhancing anti-fogging capabilities, scan speed and user experience and minimising potential airborne transmission of microorganisms. Products such as the Trios intra-oral scanner from 3Shape are designed with this in mind.

Seamless integration into your workflow

For GDPs looking to streamline their orthodontic workflow at the same time as minimising the cross-contamination risks, the Trios intra-oral scanner and ClearCorrect system from the Straumann Group is all you will need. The Trios scanner integrates seamlessly with the ClearCorrect doctor portal for simple case submission.

The technology can be directly connected to the Straumann coDiagnostiX implant planning software, also integrates with the Straumann Cares chairside milling and 3D printing units, meaning you can achieve superior results, faster. By bringing together these two leading brands, you can have total confidence in the quality, predictability, efficiency and flexibility of the services you provide your patients.

The Straumann Group is noted for the quality of its customer service. There is always a trained professional at the end of the phone or contactable by email who can offer any information and advice you need to maximise the potential benefits to your workflow.

Trios intra-oral scanners, provide unprecedented detail replication for superior diagnostics, treatment planning and clinical outcomes.

Many businesses are still recovering from several months of closure. To help optimise your finances there are a few options available.

You might consider the Bounce Back Loan Scheme (BBLS) available from the Government, if you haven’t already. This offers a loan of up to £50,000, or 25% of your practice turnover. There is no interest to pay for the initial 12 months, after which the interest rate is set at 2.5% per annum for the next six years. This could be just the boost you need to invest in the digital technology that will secure the future of your practice.

In addition, the Straumann Group offers various finance options to make purchasing your essential equipment that much easier. For instance, you can choose to delay repayments for up to three months so you can generate positive cash flow from day one.

Digital technology offers an array of advantages for GDPs and their patients. Enhance your orthodontic offerings today – ClearCorrect clear aligners are even better with Trios. Benefit from a simplified workflow with seamless integration, as well as improved efficiency, precise engineering and ultimate flexibility.

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