The Legends: CEREC Digital Symposium

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The Legends: A global CEREC online congress for experienced users and newcomers

A spokesperson from Dentsply Sirona explains the purpose behind this latest online initiative: “Since CEREC was launched in 1985, a very active CEREC community of dentists has emerged worldwide – coming together to learn more about what technology can do, sharing personal experiences and attending regular events to exchange knowledge.

“From December 3rd to 5th, 2020, CEREC enthusiasts can learn from top-class masters of digital dentistry at the global online congress Legends, planned and organized by the CEREC community. Dentsply Sirona is the main sponsor for the event.”

They continued: “The Legends Digital Symposium is a unique opportunity to experience and benefit from some of the biggest names and most respected international CAD/CAM speakers. For all time zones there will be exciting presentations by over thirty outstanding speakers, who will share their experience and knowledge.

“Among these are: Mike Skramstad and Dhaval Patel, USA; Dr Julian Conejo, Costa Rica; Dr Daniela Aggio, Brazil; Dr Andreas Bindl; and Dr Alessandro Devigus, Switzerland. Also speaking are Dr Gertrud Fabel, Germany; Dr Roberto Molinari, Italy; and many others.

“The symposium will start with two parallel podiums in North and Latin America, moving to Europe the next day and ending in Asia and Australia. Over the three days the speakers will dive deep into the subject of CEREC as well as inLab, presenting their solutions and new strategies.

“They will demonstrate that CEREC can do much more than just fabricate a restoration in a single session. The presentations will cover all areas of dentistry and will be packed with scientific research and clinical cases, from simple to full oral reconstructions, digital orthodontic treatments, sleep apnoea devices and more.

“Both experienced CEREC users and newcomers will have the opportunity to learn from the beta testers behind the development of CEREC, many of whom we describe as the true pioneers of digital dentistry, true legends of CEREC.”

MUDr Josef Kunkela, Ph.D., a long-time user of CEREC, adds: "We all enjoy sharing our experiences with colleagues and working with people new to the digital world. We want to open their eyes to the possibilities of CEREC – this is the idea behind the Legends Symposium. We are delighted that thanks to the support of Dentsply Sirona such a large and global platform as Legends could be realised."

Dr Alexander Völcker, Group Vice President CAD/CAM at Dentsply Sirona concluded: "This year we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of CEREC. The launch of CEREC in 1985 marked the beginning of digitalisation in dentistry, and Dentsply Sirona was the first company in the world to recognise the ground-breaking importance of CAD/CAM technology for modern dental treatment and to make it available to the dental practice.

“This development has been backed by many important contributors, such as analysts, research and development departments, clinical users, beta testers, and those who are simply enthusiastic about the latest technologies.

“The CEREC community is an important part of this, with members constantly learning and bringing in new ideas to optimise the system. Legends takes this endeavour to a new level, which is especially important in these unstable and difficult times during which we strive to stay connected and share our knowledge and experiences."

The participation fee for the three-day event is €90. For more information and to register, visit