CS 8100 3D CBCT: Meeting Patients’ Needs

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Nimisha Nariapara: Patient anxiety and the CS 8100 3D CBCT

Nimisha Nariapara is the Trade Marketing Manager at Carestream Dental covering the UK, Middle East, Nordics, South Africa, and CIS regions.

Dental fear (dento-phobia) is a widespread problem in the UK with approximately 25% of adults reporting difficulty and delays in visiting the dentist due to anxiety. Part of the problem could be that some find it hard to understand the jargon and complexities of their treatment plan, which may lead to them feeling out of control and nervous.

This begins the cycle of dread, as the longer patients go without a check-up, the more likely there is to be an undetected problem of increased severity, and the more likely you’ll end up with an unhappy patient. Research suggests that patients’ dissatisfaction with their dentist was the main cause for switching, so, maintaining positive relationships with them will encourage improved patient retention and benefit their oral health as well as your business.

Clear communication with your patients is the key to providing a positive experience and creating a healthy relationship. Patients appreciate an open conversation with enough time to ask questions and raise concerns before giving informed consent for treatment. This is also helpful in managing patient’s expectations, because clear communication at every stage of the patient journey will help avoid disappointment at a later time.

Access to reliable imaging equipment is not only convenient, but will help improve your workflows, allow for accurate diagnosis, support treatment planning, and help ensure predictable outcomes. Plus, technology which provides a clear visual image makes communication easier. You will be able to show your patients what you’re talking about and highlight areas of concern.

Seeing what you’re doing and why you're doing it will help calm your nervous patients and reassure them that they’re in safe hands.

The CS 8100 3D CBCT system from Carestream Dental is versatile and budget friendly, utilising both 2D and 3D scanning to produce clear images to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning. It’s compact, intuitive, and smart design makes it easy to implement into any dental practice.

Its high-quality scans will save time and provide greater certainty for diagnosis and treatment planning, while also enabling more time for comprehensible discussions with your patients about their oral health, which will help make them feel more comfortable and confident during their time in the chair.

Cutting-edge imagery from scanners such as the CS 8100 3D CBCT will not only help dental appointments become faster and run more smoothly, but will also allow you to use CAD software to explain treatment processes in more depth, leading to happier, satisfied patients who will return again and again.

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