EvoLab cabinet range from Tavom UK

Lab Equipment
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Tavom UK says encourage correct posture in the lab with its EvoLab range of cabinets

In the dental laboratory it is possible for staff to pick up a number of bad habits, including poor posture and incorrect ergonomic practises.

To prevent these from developing, staff must take the time to train their brains and bodies to complete tasks safely and correctly.

Laboratory owners play a part in the process as well, both in the encouragement they offer staff to work optimally and in the work environment that they provide.

Ensuring that satisfactory workstations are in place that are of adequate height, have suitable lighting and provide enough room to work efficiently is pivotal to the development of good working habits. Workstations available from Tavom UK are built for such a purpose.

The EvoLab range, which is also built to offer total durability, can be finished either flush with floor level to operating height of 930mm or provided upon elevated supports, depending on what is best for the team. Lighting for each workstation is available from Tavom UK too.

To see how your workplace could be transformed by our elegant designs and refurbishments, contact our exclusive laboratory dealer, John Winter, on 01422 364 213.

Alternatively, visit the Tavom website www.tavomuk.com.