Nobel Biocare Scan and Design Service

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Nobel Biocare Scan and Design Service "Saves labs time, money, and hassle"

Nobel Biocare understands how important it is to optimise your time in the dental laboratory. Quicker turn-around times mean happier patients and more satisfied clients, ultimately enhancing your reputation and increasing the chance of new referrals for business growth.

But how do you continue providing an outstanding service when you receive a sudden influx of implant bar prescriptions?

The Nobel Biocare Scan and Design Service provides the solution.

We will do the work for you so you can rest assured that your client’s needs are met, even when you’re busy. Just send us the case, approve our design and receive the final implant bar ready to forward to the practice. You can even do the design stage yourself if you prefer – we work around your needs.

Plus, you can have complete confidence in the precise fit of all bars provided thanks to our accurate scan data, engineering, material and production expertise [1&2}. ,

Whether you simply have too much work, or you don’t wish to invest in bar design software, production equipment, or the relevant scan bodies, the Nobel Biocare Scan and Design Service provides a great alternative. Start saving time, money and hassle with us today!

For more information about Nobel Biocare, call 0208 756 3300, or visit