Ultaire™ AKP from Solvay Dental 360™ for RPDs

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CDT Jonothan Hughes calls Ultaire™ AKP from Solvay Dental 360™ “An ideal alternative to explore”

Ultaire™ AKP is a new high-performance polymer custom developed by Solvay Dental 360™ specifically for the fabrication of removable partial denture (RPD) frames. Speaking from Hughes Dental Laboratory in Harrogate, owner and CDT Jonathan Hughes, provided his professional opinion of the material:

“Ultaire AKP is a very versatile material that offers a viable alternative to metal. It enables us to engage to deeper undercuts, which is ideal for lingually inclined dentition and it can provide an ideal solution for tricky cases, particularly where other prosthesis have failed in the past.

For technicians, Ultaire AKP is a much cleaner material to work with compared to colbalt/chrome and flexible materials. It is also easy to trim and when designed correctly, takes very little time to fit down.

“Ultaire AKP has an elastic modulus of 3500 MPa and a flexural strength of 148 MPa, which means that it is resistant to deformation and provides a strong, stable and retentive RPD framework for patients. In addition, Ultaire AKP is also much nicer to occlude against compared to metal backings, and according to the feedback I have received, the sensation is preferable to chrome on the mucosa.

“Technicians may not be used to seeing Ultaire AKP routinely just yet, but this does not mean that we should not explore the numerous design concepts it enables, experiment a bit and use the material to our advantage.”

For more information about Solvay Dental 360™, Ultaire™ AKP and Dentivera™ milling discs, please visit www.solvaydental360.com