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Faster and cheaper dentures: CNC and 3D dental technology – contact Surplex

The manufacture of dental prostheses involves a lot of work, which makes dentures expensive and gives patients longer waiting times. However, modernisation in dental technology is bringing about some improvement.

Whether due to illness or increasing age, many people need dentures in the course of their lives. But making a prosthesis, bridge or implant is usually extremely costly and time-consuming.

Traditionally, dentures are made by taking an impression of the patient's jaw. This is filled with plaster and the resulting model of the patient is further processed. The model is milled, ground and shaped so that the prosthesis fits perfectly. It must then be painted to match the patient's skin and tooth colour. All these steps are mostly done through detailed manual work.

The dental technology of the future: faster, cheaper and more precise

As in many other crafts, the use of modern CNC and 3D printing machines is helping dental technology to make the production of dentures and other dental prostheses faster, cheaper and more effective.

Dental machines allow laboratories to create dentures, implants and other dental supplies in fewer steps, guaranteeing the best possible care for the customer in the shortest possible time.

Thus, with special 3D machines, the patient's oral cavity can either be scanned directly or the impression of the jaw can be digitised afterwards. Based on the impression, the required prosthesis is programmed using special control technology for CNC dental machines. The prosthesis can thus be easily milled from a blank, which, thanks to various milling techniques, is possible without wasting material, with little labour, greater speed and maximum precision.

For dental laboratories and companies specialising in the dental sector, the acquisition of such machines can therefore be worthwhile in order to replace traditional manufacturing methods and thus be able to produce dental restorations for patients faster, at a lower price and with greater precision.

Keeping pace at low cost with used machines

However, upgrading to new, modern machines – as much as the purchase is worthwhile – is associated with high costs. Especially for small or new businesses, it can be difficult to rely completely on new machines. It is therefore reasonable to also consider used machines as a means of modernising one's own enterprise. Via used machinery portals such as Surplex, dental machines in a very good and mint condition can also be purchased at auction for a smaller price.

In the case of company closures, such as the closure of a dental prosthesis laboratory in Spain, machines such as CNC milling machines, laser-sintering systems or optical 3D scanners go under the hammer time and again. This makes it easy and cost-effective for businesses to upgrade to tomorrow's dental technology and remain competitive.

About Surplex:

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