Dentsply Sirona Extends Lucitone Denture System

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Dentsply Sirona extends the Lucitone Digital Print Denture System with new material indications and more

This week Dentsply Sirona has announced four expansions of the Lucitone Digital Print Denture System, which it claims “adds momentum to the digital transformation of the dental laboratory profession”.

A spokesperson explained: “Three of these expansions are for the digital production of custom tooth arches and segments, including the addition of Lucitone Digital Value 3D Economy Tooth and Trial Placement resin; DS Multilayer PMMA Discs for milling premium denture teeth; and the planned 2022 release of Lucitone Digital IPN, a printed premium denture tooth material.

“Later in 2021, planned printer validations for the Lucitone Digital Print Denture System will include Asiga Max UV and Pro 4K and SprintRay Pro 95 and Pro 55 series printers. Lucitone Digital Value and DS Multilayer PMMA denture tooth workflows are validated and immediately available for Carbon M Series printers.

“These important updates provide dental laboratories greater flexibility to fully digitise their denture production with the superior strength Lucitone Digital Print Denture System. The forthcoming validation of Asiga and SprintRay printers will enable more labs to benefit from the enhanced capacity, throughput and simplicity of Dentsply Sirona printed dentures, delivering repeatable and precise results.”

Justin Elsey, founder and managing director of Asiga, takes up the thread: “This collaboration with Dentsply Sirona continues Asiga’s open-system vision to bring best-in-class, highly accurate, highly affordable printing technology to the dental profession.

Amir Mansouri, CEO and Co-Founder, agreed: “Together, we are providing dental labs and their patients with access to a superior combination of printed denture materials and printer accuracy and consistency. At SprintRay, we strive to build products that work together to create opportunities for collaboration, innovation and, most importantly, outstanding clinical results.

“Our cooperation with Dentsply Sirona embodies this vision by bringing together high-quality products to deliver first-class service to patients, all the while empowering improved efficiency and production for dental practices and labs everywhere.”

Julie Mroziak, Vice President of Dentsply Sirona’s Digital Lab and Preventive Solutions, said: “Until the introduction of the Lucitone Digital Print Denture System, printed dentures were not a viable option for dental labs.

“Now, with the planned validation of Asiga and SprintRay printers for Lucitone Digital Print Denture, and more material options, labs can begin transitioning from analogue denture procedures to the more efficient, digitally printed denture workflows. The digital acceleration of the removable lab industry is truly exciting, and a win-win for the lab, dentist, and the patient experience.”

Dentsply Sirona’s spokesperson added: “With the versatile Dentsply Sirona Multilayer PMMA 98mm disc range, dental laboratories now can mill custom tooth arches or segments to digitally manage more challenging removable cases, including reduced vertical and class II and class III occlusions. The disc product line provides comprehensive shade choices, seventeen in total, three-disc
thicknesses, and delivers premium tooth aesthetics.

“Additionally, the dual-use Lucitone Digital Value 3D Economy Tooth & Trial Placement resin allows for printing try-in appliances and economy tooth arches and segments. This ready-to-print tooth material balances economic durability and aesthetics. The material is available in six shades and suitable for all clinical classifications of full-arch denture cases.

“The planned 2022 release of Lucitone Digital IPN will be Dentsply Sirona’s first printed premium denture tooth solution. This new material is expected to have exceptional wear characteristics and include sixteen shades plus bleach options. The Lucitone Digital IPN material will remove all barriers for dental laboratories’ migration to digital denture workflows.

“The clinical and laboratory workflows are simple and easy for rapid integration. With these anticipated printer validations and material launches, laboratories of all sizes can better meet increasing volume demands, achieve greater profitability, and provide patients with an experience and denture that will make them smile – in partnership with their dentist.”