Is silicon nitride a superior biomaterial?

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Four scientific presentations by Amedica seem to demonstrate silicon nitride is a superior biomaterial


Salt Lake City-based Amedica Corporation (AMDA), a company that develops and commercializes silicon nitride ceramics as a biomaterial platform, has announced that all four of its submissions to the Orthopaedic Research Society (“ORS”) Annual Meeting were accepted for presentations during March 5-8, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

“Our presentations will demonstrate the rationale for using our proprietary silicon nitride composition in a variety of medical applications within the $15 billion surgical spine, dental, hip and knee replacement markets,” said Dr. Sonny Bal, Chairman and CEO of Amedica Corporation.

“This scientific data will convincingly demonstrate the serious limitations of other existing biomaterials, while highlighting the advantages of silicon nitride, even as we continue further testing on an improved second generation silicon nitride composition. I’m very proud of our continued innovation and robust science, which will be presented at this important orthopaedic forum.”

Accepted submission titles and their authors include:
• Metal Ions Contribute to the Material Instability of Zirconia Toughened Alumina. Giuseppe Pezzotti, Leonardo Puppulin, Marco Boffelli, Nobuhiko Sugano, Bryan J. McEntire (Presenter), and B. Sonny Bal
• Differential Bacterial Expression on Silicon Nitride, PEEK, and Titanium Surfaces. Bryan J. McEntire (Presenter), Erin N. Jones, Darin Ray, Ryan M. Bock, B. Sonny Bal, and Giuseppe Pezzotti
• Do Ceramic Femoral Heads Contribute to Polyethylene Oxidation? Bryan J. McEntire (Presenter), Yuto Enomoto, Wenliang Zhu, Marco Boffelli, Elia Marin, B. Sonny Bal, and Giuseppe Pezzotti
• Differential Effects of Hydrothermal Ageing on the Surface Fracture Toughness of Ceramics. Bryan J. McEntire (Presenter), Erin N. Jones, Darin Ray, Ryan M. Bock, B. Sonny Bal, and Giuseppe Pezzotti

The ORS annual meeting attracts attendees from all over the world including: clinicians, surgeons, residents, veterinarians, basic scientists, and engineers who come together to present the latest innovative and cutting-edge musculoskeletal research.

About Amedica Corporation

Amedica is focused on the development and application of inter-body implants manufactured with medical-grade silicon nitride ceramic. Amedica markets spinal fusion products and is developing a new generation of wear- and corrosion-resistant implant components for hip and knee arthroplasty as well as dental applications.

The Company’s products are manufactured in its ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility and through its partnership with Kyocera, one of the world's largest ceramic manufacturers. Amedica's spine products are FDA-cleared, CE-marked, and are currently marketed in the U.S. and select markets in Europe and South America through its distributor network and its growing OEM and private label partnerships.

For more information on Amedica or its silicon nitride material platform, please visit