Andrea Johnson previews innovative new "Unbreakable Herbst Appliance"

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Andrea Johnson is an orthodontic technician working at the Royal Derby Teaching Hospital and is Vice Chair of the Orthodontic Technicians Association (OTA).

She will be speaking at the new Orthodontic Technician’s Seminar Stream during Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) 2016 where she will deliver a presentation entitled “The Unbreakable Herbst Appliance”.

Here is a preview of her presentation:

I saw the new unbreakable Herbst appliance in Italy a few months ago and I’m really excited because it's a brilliant design and I want to tell everyone all about it.

During the seminar I will be describing the innovative new design of the appliance. The original Herbst appliance is very effective for a variety of different problems, primarily where the mandible needs to be postured forward. However, the way the components sit in the acrylic of the appliance make it very prone to breakages and so it can be unreliable.

The new design of appliance that I will discuss is almost unbreakable. It has exactly the same function but it operates in a different way and is not as flimsy and fragile.

I will cover the benefits of the new design and the reasons why technicians would want to use the appliance. The design stage will be incorporated and technicians will be able to take away knowledge about how it can be used and also where components can be sourced. This way technicians can order the parts and try it out in their own labs.

I imagine a lot of technicians will be interested in the new design because it is applicable to more than one specific discipline. Undoubtedly, the Herbst appliance will be used more by orthodontic technicians dealing with specified cases, but prosthodontic and denture technicians may also use it occasionally.

I will join many other presenters throughout the DTS educational programme who are excited about being able to talk to technicians from across the disciplines. Having that cross-over of knowledge is valuable because the conversations, points and questions that arise offer a range of different perspectives that we ourselves may not have considered.

I think that the co-location of The Dentistry Show and DTS does very well because it’s an exclusive arrangement. Dentists often visit the DTS area to source laboratory services and products, or to seek advice on various techniques and materials. It’s a mutually enjoyable exchange.

Technicians can also visit stands in The Dentistry Show to see what clinicians are using, which helps us to offer a better service for them in return.

A lot of the other shows cater more for the clinical side of dentistry. To have a venue with a lab-dedicated area featuring a range of lab-based products and services, as well as lectures designed specifically to interest them, is extremely beneficial. I’ve seen other shows try this approach, of course, but DTS seems to be the best.

To attend Andrea’s seminar and to take advantage of the wealth of educational and networking opportunities, book your ticket for DTS 2016 today.

DTS 2016 will be held on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd April 2016 at the NEC Birmingham, co-located with The Dentistry Show.
For more information visit call 020 7348 5263 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.