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Restoration and Implantology
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MIRIS®² multi-shade, nano-hybrid composite by COLTENE

For cases where both dentine and enamel shades are needed to achieve an aesthetic and natural looking restoration, try MIRIS®², a multi-shade, nano-hybrid composite by COLTENE.

Developed for high-quality results in anterior and posterior teeth, the optical properties of MIRIS®² make it the ideal choice for aesthetic and cosmetic indications, diastema closures, applying veneers and changing tooth shape and colour.

There is a large selection of dentine and enamel shades to choose from, that when used together create a perfect match for the patient – as well as a number of special effect compounds for superior aesthetics and complex cases. If you’d like more information about shade combinations, COLTENE’s expert sales advisers are available by phone or email to answer all of your queries.

A handmade shade guide made from the actual composite is included with all MIRIS®² Syringe/Tips sets along with a range of accessories such as application needles, microbrush and more. To get started and see the difference MIRIS®² could make in your practice, place your order today.

To find out more visit www.coltene.com, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01444 235486